Running Site Development Diaries

When this site started, it was part of an AT&T beta test. I consciously tried to include stuff that I thought would be helpful to my peers at AT&T to see what went into the site. For this reason, I kind of included more info than I had originally anticipated. In retrospect, I'm glad I did as it reminds me that the thing did not just fall together.

Note...These pages WILL NOT be spell-checked, or checked for grammar. I write this stuff quickly and usually my mind is completely shot from hours of trying to keep track of the links and files that make up this site. I plan to be more careful with the rest of this site, but these are MY page. Sorry if this causes distress :-)

Diary #1... "The early days" - 8-May-97 thru 17-June-97. 17k
Diary #2...CURRENT - 17-June-97 thru ???

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