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I ran out of interest YEARS ago (now being 2004) so a great deal of this site is obsolete and will never be fixed. From time to time I might add some new things, but for the most part, it's dead.

This site, in it's present basic structure, went on-line at around 1:00 am 26-May-97.

The site has been going for well over a month now (25-June-97). I have learned a lot about making a web site, and am fairly happy with the way the project is coming along! The intensity of my interest in the project has diminished, so I would anticipate only incremental improvements from here on terminating upon my demise, or the end society as we know it. Changes, improvements, and the tying up of loose ends are likely to be dictated in part by the feedback I receive.

Someone wrote me the other day on the site feedback form without leaving a return e-mail address. (Which, BTW is fine.) They said basically that they could see no "theme". If you (the person reading this) also can see no theme, let me help you out...This is Tom Huppi's personal web site, and the content revolves around Tom Huppi :-) I don't want to sell you anything, or make you vote for anyone, or stop you from saying what you have to say. Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy it. If you surf around my site, I hope you enjoy that! If you don't, I hope you can find the time to tell me why. If you think that you would have fun building a site of your own then you probably would, and there are thousands of people who would bend over backward to lend their assistance just out of the goodness of their hearts. Am I one of them? You never know 'till you try :-)

Oh ya...If you do try, and I don't write back till the middle of July, It's because I am commercial fishing in Alaska. It's one of the things I do to make ends meet.

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