Running Diary Diary #2 17-June-97 thru???

[9:55pm 21-Nov-97]

Did some fairly minor additions off and on in the long time since my entry. Over the last few days I really polished up the Susan's carvings area and cleaned up some of the areas having to do with getting a job. Also fancied up the contact me page and added a page for instructions about using the tListe. Have finally gotten around to specifying image sizes in the html code and am using thumb prints more. Lastly, I just got done (mostly) doing an update on the spreadsheets. May go completely to Database for all organization and try to tie it in to analysis input data...Don't know yet.

[2:05am 29-Aug-97]

I was up in Alaska for 4 times longer than expected. Came back and had 103 e-mails. So as not to have to tell the same story to a bunch of people, I made a page for it (it being how my summer went, and therefore why I was not prompt with e-mail.) It is zFACACAAA.html under Me:Old Jobs:Fishing.

[11:32 pm 25-June-97]

As far as I can remember, I have not done much of anything with the site saved adding a few pics. Now I am up to AK for a few weeks to try to earn a little money. Looks like a bad season, but one never knows. Added a brief entry to my "contact me" page. That's what the damn thing is for!!!

[11:07 pm 18-June-97]

Yesterday I got heavily into screwing with the logs again as I now have *all* the data. With the site at the logs are growing about 400k per day. I went "access all the way" as doing initial parsing and filtering in excel was a pain in the ass. Actually works pretty well. I now use basically three tables...the log import, the file description, and a command=>name link table, but I think I will set up my maintainence spreadsheet to output all the files and build the server commands right there so I can reduce things to two tables. Today I went and got the low down on the CAD contracting, bumped my screen resolution back up and now it's time to take a break on web-site development for a while!!!

[12:32 am 17-June-97]

Made The two diaries and a pivot for them and added a little more explaination to it. Oh ya...and this entry :-)

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