In a nutshell...I got rid of the t-Liste applet when doing a quick-n-dirty site restructure in 2004. It was a wonderful thing, but _I_ never used it. References to it are cruft that will probably never get cleaned up.

First things first. This page is specifically about tListe. Since I am convinced that the applet will work (at this writing, the site has been up for only several hours) I need to make certain that there is a link to the authors site...

His name is Raymond BERTHOU and his website is

That gets my imediate responsibilities out of the way...I'll be back to clean up latter!

I would also like to mention that I have used a more compicated applet called the TOC. I plan to discuss this applet here as well. For the time being, here is a link to Stefan Ruettinger's site:

tListe Instructions:   How to use the thing.

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