How to use the tListe Applet

The tListe Java applet is similar to the windows explorer. It lets a visitor go directly to a specific location of my site without following a chain of links.

Sometimes it doesn't start working very well. If you see a blank box instead of the applet, move your mouse pointer over the box. This often jogs it to life. One might try hitting the re-load button on their browser too. The applet itself is not very big, but it also needs to load a text script file that describes my site. A little patience please...It will be worth it IMHO.
tListe closed tListe starts out like this. Note the background change on an item over which the mouse pointer is hovering. (i.e.: the ".comp" folder in this example.) Putting your mouse on one of the folders and clicking it opens the thing...

Note: I intend to use the little pallete icon to indicate documents which are colorful, or have images or applets that take time to download and open.
tListe open Once open, any actual document can be jumped to be clicking it. Clicking here would take you to a place where I have some info about e-mail.

The little faces are my way of indicating what stage of development a page is in. I am obviously no graphics artist :-)
tListe folder Unlike the windows explorer, the folder icon represents a document (or page) just like one of the silly little smiley-faced icons. The distinction is that the "folder icon" pages have links to other pages while the "smiley-face icons" pages don't.

In this example, I have some friends who I have not made pages for.

Sometimes I don't get around to updating the script file that runs the tListe applet when I make changes to the site. Don't be suprised if the tListe applet structure does not exactly represent the site! The links near the bottom of each page are an alternate way of navigating around my site.

If you would like to use the tListe, jump to The Very Start.

Refering Document Chain: "Trunk":"This Site":"tListe"
(Contact &) Site Navigation when not using the tListe applet:
*I* tend to prefer using the Back Arrow, but you are welcome to Jump to the Trunk.
Note: This will maintain your current navigation preference.
If you happened to have jumped here from another site, please check out The Very Start.
I think you'll be glad you did!
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