Site Theory and Operation

Well, a bit of theory is laid out in the referring doc (the Site Status "folder" one aka zBA.html) I want to think about it a little more before committing anything to words here.

As for Operation, I keep a mirror site on my HD and periodically import the whole works into Excel to cross check against what I *think* I have. I then make a hard copy and keep update notes on it. As for general maintenance, I use MiniNotepad (see credits) and as *soon* as I finish with a doc, I move it from the mirror site to the upload directory. This hopefully will insure synchronization. I am reticent to download the whole site for synchronization because one time when I did, all my docs got filled with little squares instead of CR's. I'm still pulling them out. Paul told me (rather tersely) to write a filter when I tried to blame the problem on Archnophilia ;-) Speaking of Archnophilia, it has an excellent site analysis feature that finds bad links. Here is a screen shot of my typical web page working area. Desktop Screenshot 27k .gif.

While I'm putting in screen shots, I'll brag a little about once having made the top 10 list for AT&T Personal Web Page beta testing. I don't know how many pages where out there, but I like to think it was billions and billions. Every time my head swells too much, I remind myself that most of us where pretty new at this game! The Proof! a 52k .gif.

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