I have a 2500 gallon tank over 100 feet (in elevation) on the hill. This provides plenty of pressure and reserve. This picture shows the filter and circuits.

Note_1: The 1.25 inch line (open valve) goes to my place. There is a check valve by the close valve in the 1 inch line. As I mentioned, water goes up the 1 inch line when the pump is running, and down the line when the neibor is using water. The check valve keeps water from entering the tank from the bottom. It is forced up the 1/2 inch line through the filter. When the tank is full, a float valve inside shuts off and water exhasts through the other 1/2 inch line which also goes first 15' up a tree to an air break, then down to my place as a fountain and function indicator (or will one day :)

Note_2: Note that only water going into the tank is filtered...exhast when the tank is full is not! My 20 micron filters last about 2000 gallons before they pack up when Shoemaker creek is running clean. Less durring rising water (but I can shut down the pump at such times).

Here is a picture up on the hill by the tank looking out toward the pump. It's steep! It took me three days of dilligent effort to get the tank up the hill using a come-along. I was in noticably better shape afterwards!

Down the hill at a small shed at the end of my deck (which is Several hundred feet long) the pipe changes form 1.25 inch to 1 inch, and I put a valve in for good measure.

And lastly, I tap into my house water system:

Note_1:...my hatefull nemesis and now obsolete (as evidenced by the unserimoniously hacked off pipe) electric pump!