After having been visited and called multiple timesconcerning the switch of my power meters to 'smartmeters', I told 'Aclera', who claims to be contracted by Pacific Power for meter swaps, the following on 1/26/2019"

"I am not going to say either 'yes' or 'no'."
"Do what you (want|need) to do within the letter of the law."

I do not remember whether I used the word 'want' or 'need'.

I have not been able to obtain open source information on the capabilities of the 'smartmeters' which are to be installed on my property.

I am aware that these devices emit radio frequencies for the advertized purpose of potentially interacting with 'smart devices' situated within a customers home, and also for the purpose of interating with other 'smartmeters' in order to transfer information from node to node.

I have been appraised of no other plans for the transmitter/reciever capabilities of the 'smartmeter' devices, and if such plans exist I require that I am appraised of them before the device is utilized for such purposes.

If the 'smartmeter' is using my property to transmit data over radio frequencies, I require to be informed and the value of my property be considered in negotiations for use.

I am aware of efforts to use radio frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum as offensive or defensive weapons and to build devices which facilitate this. If 'smartmeters' have any such capability or can be modified remotely or locally to have such a capability, I require that they not be emplaced on my property and are removed if such a capability is exposed and not nullified. I reserve the right to destroy the devices if they are found to be emitting radio signals which are to influencing any biota on my property in a manner which I find objectionable. Before destruction I will give an opportuity for the device to be de-activated and retrieved if I am able to do so safely.

It should be noted that the details of the weaponization of radio frequency energy are generally classified. It is not know what frequency ranges or power levels are necessary to achieve what results. It must be assumed that most electronics gear which contain microprocessors can and probably will be exploited at some point due to codeing defects, built in back-doors, and etc. Between these to factors it is not possible to know that a device is safe simply because it is not producing harmful effects either in testing or in the field. This is the reason why I reserve the right to destroy any such devices installed on my property if I need to.

Should the 'smartmeter' devices ever cause harm to the biota on my property I will hold the current authority structure culpable as well as any succeeding power structures who may replace them. This would include those who design, manufacture, and test the actual devices. The people who install the devices. The people who commission the installation of the devices. the people who regulate, or fail to regulate, the aformentioned parties, and the elected representatives for whom the regulators are supposed to work. If a foriegn entity is involved in implanting a device which proves dangerious to me, the biota on my property, or to my fellow countrymen, I will consider it an act of war.

I will consider information leakage which is not clearly outlined in the documentation provided to me to be in the same class as things which may create physical harm, and those subject to legal challenges to be the same as mentioned above.


My three meters were changed to 'smartmeters' in late June 2019. I met the personel who did the work on the road side of the river. I had my phone with this document on it and offered the techition the opportunity to read it. Both declined.

I told them that the basic requirement I had was that if the meters were causing harm to the biota on my property I reserved the right to mitigate the problem my either telling the power company to retrieve the devices or by destroying the devices myself if it were the only realistic option given the situation.

I told the technitions that I consented to them doing what they were required by their companty to do within the letter of the law.