MR2 for sale

(original, July 2000)
(update, June 2001)
(update, Nov 2003)

Right Rear view
Left Side view
Left Rear view
Left Front view
Engine Compartment view


This car has 150,625 197K miles.

A brief bit of history:
I moved to CA in Feb 00 and decided to get the car of my dreams. The best one I could find in the bay area was $3500 and not all that great. I went down to LA and this was the best one I could find. I knew where I could find an 86' with 24 miles on it which the salesman and mechanic at a dealership totaled, so when I was looking for a car, I was specifically looking for one with a good body and some extras, and not nessisarily a great drive trian. As it turns out, the engine, trans, and clutch on this car work great though 150k is a lot, and nothing lasts forever. (It is worth noting, however, that I found some of these with over 200K on them when I was in the market, so I think that well maintained ones have a pretty long life expectancy.)

The guy who I bought it from was a mechanic, and seemingly, *very* meticulus. It was utterly spotless! I think that he really had taken pretty good care of it. I paid $3200 for it and let him keep the amp. So, why am I selling it? After putting 5000 (18,000 now) (50K now) miles on it, I find that I like VW rabbits Toyota trucks better. I like feel more compfortable with front wheel drive, and I like the visibility of the rabbit better, plus, I know every nut and bolt in a rabbit having wrenched on them for a while. In short, I can't justify doing the work I was planning on this car if I would rather have something else.

Just as when I bought this vehicle, I feel that it is an excelent foundation upon which to build a very nice MR2 since it is sound and has alot desirable parts already.

At this point, the only money I have into it is what I paid, and an oil change (and in early 03, a major service w/ new plugs and wires and the FI system cleaned.) If I can get a good price (i.e., $4500) ($3500...more miles and I've got more money) ($2500...more miles, more years old, etc), for it, I'll take the money and run. Read: "non-motivated seller."

[ed: I just went down town this morning and saw another mr2 for sale. It's looks great and the exhast isn't rusty. 235,000 miles, and they are asking $3000. Just my luck...I went all the way to LA then 4 months later, one shows up 1/2 a mile from my house! -06/03/00]

-Cruise Control
-Moon Roof
-brand new *real* shop manual
-recent smog check very low
-interior almost perfect
-original paint in good shape
-15in custom wheels in great shape. Don't know the brand, but I
    believe them to be good ones.
-stainless brake lines...I'll never be without these on a
    performance car again!
-suspension quite stiff. Maybe good, maybe not...depends on how
    one likes to feels like a go-cart now!
-new tires at around 194K

-Exhast system looks weak (rustic looking), but works fine.
-power mirrors aren't
-intermitant part of wipers aren't
-small dent on drivers side door
-I think the rear wheel bearings should be replaced as they make noise