This site went into operation at around 1:00am 26-may-97. I had it functioning on my local HD before I uploaded it, but I wished to test it on-line before spending a great deal of time filling the pages. Please read my running diary before condemning the lack of content! I *have* been working on the thing!!! Soon it will have as much content as my old site, but it will seem pretty empty because it is much bigger.

At the present, most of my pages are a bland template with a cursory msg about what I have planned. My thoughts are to put in a fairly brief entry into each of these as time permits. I will take the link to *this* page off when I reach that stage. After that, I will really finish the pages off depending somewhat upon feedback, and somewhat on where my interests lie.

You will NOT EVER see an "under construction" gif on my site. A site that is not under construction is DEAD in my humble opinion!

PS...I have had much feedback on spelling. I appreciate it, and I do plan to do something about it.

From here, you may link to my Site Status Page if you wish.
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