Das Bus

My '72 VW bus with an '84 GTI water-cooled motor. I did not build it. My former employer did, and he did and incredibly nice job of it! (*NOT* for sale)

I plan to have pics and discussion for the benefeit of those who may be considering a similar project. BTW, I just put another 1000 miles on it last week without a hichup. Even with 100hp, it is still kind of a dog. I have never really driven one with the stock aircooled motor, but it must be insane!

Here is a 49k image of the thing. It doesn't show any of the design features, but it's the only pic I have right now. Later, I wish to get a few shots of the motor instalation, the *school bus heater*, etc. This pic was taked on our first camping adventure. The Pop-top is actually very nice as one can stand up straight inside. Just barely visible in the door is a box that holds a propane cookstove, cooking stuff, etc. The neat thing is that the whole box is made just right to fit under the bracket as well making enough room to slide a 4x8 sheet of plywood in as a protective "floor" for "work rig mode." That is just one of the many clever little things that Bill came up with!

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