My '64 VW Baja with a full tube cage and a diesel or gas water-cooled motor. Designed for options. Needs lots of work yet, but I did have it moving under it's own power before moth-balling it. (*NOT* for sale either)

I plan to put some pictures of the thing here as ideas for others who may wish to build such a beast. I used a fiat radiator mounted below the rear window. Also, I built a tube-framed cradle for the motor so it does not hang off the tranny like most other similar projects I have seen. It has '63 bus HRU's and heavy duty front spindles and heavy torsion bars. The guy who I bought the car from was making it into a pre-runner and was sparing no expense!!! (Porche rack and pinion...*That's* for sale...I don't like it, or more accuratly, I like my fingers better than it!) When I bought it, I decided to do the H2O motor.

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