Bristol Bay Salmon Fisheries Links

Personal business projections related to the partnership. Specifically, comparisons of a 50/50 profit split vs. a straight 28% permit share:

An image of the main spreadsheet.
Surface Plots of *my* '98 Profit/Loss.
Surface Plots comparing *our* '99+ Profit/Loss potentials.

My plots of ex-vessel prices from SMIS data (linked below.)


An Economics professor named Gunnar Knapp has since around '90, been a valued source of information to me. One of his projects, the The University of Alaska Seafood Market Information Service, is no exception.
On this site, Dr. Knapp's 25 predictions are well worth reading, and the Salmon Market Bulletin has much good info as well.

ADF&G has two links to similar pages. Predictions and last years run summaries. They could be useful... (Link_1) and (Link_2)

ADF&G State-wide Salmon harvest records, etc.

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory has a site with nice info about El Niņos and (at this time) an interesting article about recent anomilies in the ecology of the Eastern Bearing sea. PMEL home page

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