Melissa's '65 VW Bug for sale:

First, I recently sold my motorcycle via the internet and I tried to be 100% honest about things. It worked great and both the buyer and I were happy. I hope to do the same here...

My sister moved to Alaska several years ago. She recently decided to sell her '65 Bug and roped my into doing the footwork. Note that I am not very familiar with Air Cooled VWs. I don't like the motors very well, but the cars themselves seem to be miles above the Rabbits in terms of quality.

Anyway, let me say first that it is really a pretty good looking car. It was her first car and she drove it for about 10 years. She put quite a lot of effort into making it comfortable and good looking. I'm a little surprised that she is selling the thing such was her fondness for it.

It has been sitting for about a year. Last night I drove it around. Here are my impressions...

The car drives fairly well. The motor seems strong enough for a 1200. The service brakes work great but she warned me that the e-brake won't let go if set. The transmission works very well as does the clutch. The headlights suck. (6 volt) So does the heater. It is not lowered or anything, but she put on those stupid wide wheels which look to me like a death trap in rain or ice. The steering has quite a lot of play, but the car doesn't seem to rattle like my ancient rabbit.

It's very stock, but I did notice that one of the handles doesn't look the same as the other, so apparently it isn't strictly 100%. She had the motor re-done for around $1200 (seems high...I'll check the recipts this weekend) 56K ago. It was kept box-stock I believe. I remember being impressed by some of the little details that the mechanic had done, and since then, she has had no problems.

I anticipate that this car would be interesting to someone who was looking for a collector type thing or one for restoration. I got some information from this site, and as far as I can tell, it looks pretty good from a rust/damage/originality standpoint.

I would be happy to answer whatever questions I can, or inspect specific areas at the will of an interested party. My e-mail is all over this site. One may wish to contact my sister for further questions as well. I also will be going to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving and could drive it down if I am convinced that a person is genuinely interested in purchasing the car.

Here are some pics that I scanned from Melissa's photo album.
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