Again, I'll thow in some junk that I had in the experimental version of this site...

Quick-N-Dirty entry:

So many ideas, so little time and skill. One example (of many):
how about a users survey to see how individuals rate alphabet characters wrt their gender. [Hi Lu :-) ]

i.e., there is no doubt (in my mind) that ""k" is female while "u" is male. As long as I can remember, there never has been.

Someday I'd like to set up a user survey page so people who give a shit can see how they "match up" with other visitors who participate. You could rate each character F, M, or N and then see a chart of how everyone (who participated) felt.

It would make an interesting statistical analysis project (*I* think :-)

It would also require me to learn how to deal with cgi scripting, and would require my web-host to allow such features. [Hi AT&T Worldnet :-) ]

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