Heavy Demolition (I planned, supervised, and did the climbing)

I have some pics that I managed to get scanned into my computer from my crappy hand scanner. Here are several from my demolition project last year. I was working for Nick "Have I Got A Deal For You" Storie of Storie Steel and Wood Products Co, Inc. If you ever need any big timbers, pile, crane mats, etc., or are doing re-saw of wood and need raw material (some of that old wood is very high quality), give Nick a call...(503)287-1775. He is in the Portland, OR (USA) area.

The locals claim that this was the largest building in Oregon when it was built in 1919. It's possible, but then those folks seemed to have a fascination with big things ;-) FWIW, it was around 2000'x280'x60'. I only took down 11 of the bents, or around 200', but this yielded around 200,000 BF of saleable timber including a 30 10x12's 75' in length. 44k .html

I'm working up high with the crane. 2 pics - 90k .html

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