VW Diesel Mechanic

I did this for several years after I got done "being all I could be" [ha!]. Living my dream as it were. I have been told that even as a young kid anything that moved mesmerized me. I dreamed up far more go-cart designs in my early teens than I actually built, but even so, I rarely lacked for something to sit on that made noise :-) Small wonder I gravitated toward mechanics.

In working at Abernathy Creek Machine, I learned quite a bit about mechanics and fabrication. The next time I get an e-mail from someone who wants to know how to extract a pilot bearing from the end of a crankshaft (or any blind hole) quickly and easily *without* damaging it, I will spend a little more effort here. (btw, I am using a needle pilot bearing in my VW bus that I extracted from another motor using this technique, so I know it works.)

Someday I may try my hand at writing a VW diesel FAQ or something, but by this time, the old tricks and details are becoming kind of foggy.

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