Other work that I would like to do

CAD/CAM: I would very much like to gain some experience with CAD/CAM work. 3D drafting has always fascinated me. I have taken some time to learn how to use MicroStation95 and have put some of my drawings on this site. I also am fascinated by the underlying file structure of various graphic specifications and translation from one type to another. I actually do not know that much about it since I have never worked in an environment where such knowledge was needed. This is the reason for my interest in working in this area. It seems to me that a knowledge of STEP will probably be of great value to me in future years so I would be very interested in working in a setting where STEP is used. CNC programing is another field I would like to work in, but realistically my lack of experience with machine work probably makes this less than practical at the moment.

Spreadsheet Programing: For some reason I really like writing spreadsheets. I don't know exactly how much need there is for developing spreadsheets, or what really constitutes a complex one in industry. Much of the experience I have had with them was in doing work for engineering lab reports in school. It was a little depressing to put quite a bit of effort into one then use it only once.

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