Some friends that don't get their own pages (yet :-)

My intelligent and beautiful ex-girlfriend: *with* her, there would be no site as she is even more fun than html.

Melissa: My sister who is flying float planes in Alaska. Hey Melis...get me a pic of you by the otter. Hey! I got it (finally.)

Keith: My Uncle with his own web page. (It's not as good as mine :-) Browning Country

Garth and Lu: My only two friends (that I know by recognition) who are into computers. Garth...I need help on the FreeBSD page!

Dave: the local ISP who's services I don't use so his customers can continue to get non-busy signals. Hot tip for Portland, OR locals: This is a *very* good ISP...SpiritOne

Leo: After *years* of work, I finally sparked his interest in computers...Sorry Susan ;-)

Susan My friend (and mother) the chainsaw sculptor.
Green Dude My friend (and cousin) the urban, [but not urbane] farmer.
Jon Played *NO small* part in making this site what it is!
Vern And I thought I was going to *dis* AutoCAD!
Other Just in Case :-)

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