Various Python code - open-sourced.

The code here are things I've hacked together which I think it plausible that others might be able to use. My intent is for all of the code here to be under a 'BSD Style' license. In a nutshell, it means that anyone can use it for anything, and derived works need _not_ adopt a similar license. You can even try to sell it if you can find anyone stupid enough to buy it;) I think that under this license, derived works are supposed to reference the original author, but I don't care to much about that, and considering the quality, I'de just as soon they not! :)


A class for tunning the Ten-Tec RX-320 shortwave radio reciever. The specific goal was to produce a class which was compatible with the database format which my graphical tuning software uses so I can automate scanning of channels I've found with it, and so that I can find channels automatically and choose them later with the graphical software. The upshot here is that the class accepts specific data in a specific format, but that should be fine since it's not ment to be run manually. The other goal was to fool around with programming a serial port since it's been something I've been interested in for a while.


A program which embeds random text with a random password in a set number of randomly choosen jpeg images on my web site. The reason for doing this (at random times) is that if some day I ever actually _do_ need to use steganography, I can plausibly deny that I am doing so. I maintain my web site on my local (FreeBSD) machine (when I do so at all) so I can run it locally.

The code has methods of generating random text, selecting random files, keeping track of what has been done with a cache, etc. Some of it might be of use to folks. I was in a big hurry to finish it up before heading off to Alaska, so some of it isn't so pretty!

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