"I like computers...Duh!"

This site started out at an AT&T beta test. During those early days, I was "random linking" to other pages to see how my peers were coming along. AT&T had a "template" that one could use to make a primitive home page and one of the items was "my likes:" or something. Some guy put the above statement into the this entry and it really made me laugh. I hope by chance I can figure out who it was that is responsible so I can give him the credit.

Anyway, I do like computers. I have since I was very young. At the time (the early 70's), there was an aura of magic about them, and the general perception was that only geniuses could deal with them. Neither was true then, is true now, or will be in the future, but they have changed a lot. They have change a lot since I had a C-64 in the early 80's. They will continue to change, and I look forward to trying to at least stay aware of what is happening.

I will go out on a limb here and say that for quite some time, the only thing computers will be able to do is to change numbers and move them around. When this basic concept is understood, the rest becomes much simpler.

I hope you find one or two things here that may be useful to you...

.hardware I learned some stuff building a computer.
.software Bits of code which might be of interest to a few.

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