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2/23/2004 10:06:51 AM
= To: tompp@huppi=2Ecom

Dear Huppi Tom, =

Thank you very much for choosing eCallChina=2E


Here is your eCallChina XP International Phone Card:
= PIN#: 964-619-6980;

We will send you a message on the 75th= day after the PIN is purchased (5/8/2004 10:06:51 AM) to= remind the PIN# expiration date=2E

Line will be cut and "3 minutes remaining" will be= reported if a call is longer than 2 hours=2E If so please just= hang up and call again 30 seconds later


Dialing Instructions:
= Toll Free Number:
Call from USA 48= States:
1-800-613-7497; 1-800-556-4905
1-800-531-1902;= 1-800-556-5061
1-800-613-7599; 1-800-568-6030

Call from= Hawaii and Alaska:
1-800-901-4614 (For HI and AK only=2E Higher= Rate Apply-3 cents/minute more)

Call from Canada (Higher Rate= Apply -1 cent/minute= more)
Local= Access Number:
Click here= to get local access numbers
1=2EDial Access= Number
2=2EEnter your PIN number
3=2ETo call the North America:
Enter 1 + area code + tele No=2E To call other country:
Enter 011 + country code + city code + tele number
4=2E Press # if line busy or make another call =

About This Card: Rounding: 1 minute;= Connection fee: No; Payphone Charge: $0=2E69; Maintenance= fee: No; Expiration: 90 days after the first usage; = Others: International calls to mobile numbers may be charged a= higher rate unless it is indicated=2E All rates are subject to= change without notice=2E The rates for calls from Hawaii and= Alaska are 3 cents more than the toll free rates from USA 48= states=2E The rates for calls from Canada are 1 cent more than the= toll free rates from USA 48 states
Click= here to get detailed informaton including rates


Our Award Program:
http://www=2Eecallchina=2E= com/3win=2Easp=2E You can save money and make money!


Your Satisfication: At eCallChina your= satisfaction is our no=2E 1 priority=2E If you have any= question, problem or concern, please just contact us at= sales@ecallchina=2Ecom=2E = You always can expect to get our prompt response for every= question you have=2E We try our every attempt to satisfy= you and your satisfaction is guaranteed=2E


Enjoy talking!=

Sales Team
= http://www=2Eecallchina=2Ec= om
Responsible and Reliable Seller,= Member of Better Business Bureau