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Greetings, devils and peaceniks. After ten years of living in beautiful, sunny Santa Cruz, California, I recently moved to Las Vegas for a lucrative job opportunity -- a huge mistake. There's nothing to do in Vegas but gamble, and I'm not a gambler. Not surprisingly, I am trying to move out of this desert hellhole back to that gorgeous university town overlooking Monterey Bay. Wish me luck! Personally, I'm into politics, tournament-level chess, Santa Cruz's thriving coffee shops and bookstores, writing my book on liberal politics, running children's chess clubs, and movies of all types (Hollywood and foreign, young and old). I hope to make my site reflect more of these interests in the future, but right now it's all politics at the moment, because that's what I'm studying. Happy reading!

I welcome any and all comments concerning this web site. You can reach me at: steve_kangas@hotmail.com.

Steve Kangas
Las Vegas, NV