ACTS OF 1935

Banking Act of 1935:
This act strengthened the Federal Reserve System, the first major improvement since its creation in 1913.

Emergency Relief Appropriation Act: This bill authorized $5 billion to create work for some 3.5 million people.

National Labor Relations Act: Also known as the Wagner Act, this law has become the principle labor relations law between employers and workers in all private businesses except railroads and airlines. The NLRA protects the rights of both labor and management and seeks to settle disputes between them. To oversee its policies, the act created the National Labor Relations Board.

Social Security Act: One of the most profound changes in U.S. history, this act eliminated the sight of old people starving in the streets after their retirement. It created a permanent old-age pension for retired workers; later, it would be extended to include dependents, the disabled, and other groups.

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